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As a Producer I always seek excellence in my work.

Attention to detail and high quality performance are

the foundations to my style.

Valentina has produced over thirty short films and twenty feature films, distinguishing herself as an independent producer in Los Angeles. Nobody else has her can do attitude and creative vision. She is a perfectionist in her craft. Originally from Venezuela, Valentina moved to Philadelphia with two hundred dollars and two suitcases at the age of sixteen to study her BA in Filmmaking at Temple University. She loves to support minorities and fights everyday to have their voices heard. She has become a member of groups that support diversity such as Colour Entertainment, Latino Filmmaker Salon and the National Association of Latino Independent Producers.

Some of the clients I have worked for:



"Valentina Bove is my favorite producer! She is always happy and very easy to work with. I shot many movies with her and I can tell that she gets things done. She makes safety first also. When one day we had a flood in the middle of the day while working on location, she calmly announced that it was a wrap for that day, so we evacuated the premises and came back the next day when it was back to normal. We finished the movie on time and on budget, nobody got hurt and everybody was happy."

- Zsolt Magyar CAS - Sound Mixer "The Gift, Sinister 2, The Room, Amytville: The Awakening.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Valentina on several films as Casting Director and would happily do it again. Having worked with many producers over my 20 year career, Valentina definitely stands out as a stellar producer. She is knowledgeable and runs a smooth ship while being fair, collaborative and fun. A keen sensibility and taste in actors is something that is key for me in a producer and Valentina definitely has that. As I am an advocate for actors, I really appreciate her treatment and care of the cast we hire. I look forward to working with her for years to come!"

- Mandy Sherman, CSA (Emmy Award Winner). MANDY SHERMAN CASTING.

"Valentina Bove is an imaginative problem-solver that lives for innovative storytelling and compelling narratives. She has a gift for nurturing talent and collaborative producing that allows for projects to blossom to their fullest potential. While others are challenged to overcome difficulties, she looks to create
opportunities instead."

- Irvin K. Liu, Director.

"I have worked for Valentina on a number of projects in the capacity of stunt coordinator. I have been working in the film industry since 1982, and in my opinion, Valentina is one of the best producers I have had the pleasure of working with. She gets a lot out of her crew by being fair, honest and likable. As the stunt coordinator I can always count on Valentina’s first concern being safety for the actors, crew and production. I feel Valentina would be an asset to any production she worked on and I would always make myself available to work for her."

- Cole McKay, Stunt Coordinator.

"Valentina is a resourceful, diligent and hard working producer. She keeps her crews on target while maintaining a great working atmosphere. I love being on Valentina's sets as I know that I will be able to do my best work because of her strong leadership."

Ashly Covington, Photographer.

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